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Feyl Ichs - 00 Prologue: Empire
A lone black feather drifted down toward the floor in the imperial palace's second-most important chamber – the court meeting hall. Right before it even touched the floor a servant boy hurriedly ran up to sweep it away. The bird that felled it croaked in disappointment, but let it be. It had more important things to do than picking hairs off a twelve year old.
The bird landed silently upon one of the long wooden beams crossing the hall. Below him the imperial court was spread out – small men in heavy silken garbs with mustaches as thin as the hair on their aging scalps.
“What of these words is it that you cannot manage to understand? RE-MO-VE. Oust, exterminate, whatever you wish. These people, no, these creatures that claim to have tamed the powers of the heavens – these mages! Laosu, what does their deception bring with it but destruction and heaven's wrath and that alone? What, I ask you, what?”
The stocky man loudly proclaiming his messag
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Lights by NejinOniwa Lights :iconnejinoniwa:NejinOniwa 2 0 Fredrik August Tamm by NejinOniwa Fredrik August Tamm :iconnejinoniwa:NejinOniwa 1 2 Regina et Equi Nox Turn 1 cover by NejinOniwa Regina et Equi Nox Turn 1 cover :iconnejinoniwa:NejinOniwa 1 0
Journey through the DECADE
The 29th of August
15:36 (EST)

That single thought coursed through Linux' restive mind like artillery fire. She wasn't completely shut off from her senses, but there didn't seem to be any need to bother herself with that for the moment – besides, since the damage done to her body was nowhere near fully healed yet, she was rather content with not having to put up with the whole burning inferno of pain thing. She felt the intense heat of Ruka's body, huddled close – as if to shield her from damage – and as long as she didn't try to wake her, she there was no need for her to divert her attention from the task she had at hand: recovering from a lethal wound.
Ruka moved. That had happened a lot lately, so she didn't consider it all too alarming, but it raised her attention – some sound slipped through, and while it was mainly loud, droning hums from what was probably machinery of some sort, there was something else there as we
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EW:SoM Preview - Blade's Gambit
A sharp, rasping sound reverberated through the room as he drew one final, ragged breath. Blood filled his lungs as he drew it, but he didn't cough it up. He could not waste the air on that. It was all he had left to use. Clasping his hands, he shut his eyes – I am not worthy for someone else to do it for me, going this damn way – and spoke, quietly as he only had done when hushing the king to sleep as a baby. He spoke – and prayed that the one he spoke to would listen. He prayed. He, curse the thought, was saying his final prayer.
"Haelfyre," he began. He didn't know how to continue. Dread swept through him, sorrow for the kingdom he was failing with this pathetic death – and his king. He shivered. Ah. And found his words.
"King of Souls. All I asked for was someone to curse with my dying breath when you take me."
"Why did it have to be myself?"
A lone teardrop slowly trickled its way out from the Blade Counselor's closed eye – unnaturally
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B.U.S. Ch1 - Head of the Giant
"I...I'm not sure I understood what you said correctly. Sir."
"And here I thought you were the best we had...well, it's understandable, I suppose. Hesitation in the face of one's own destruction is what makes you human...but since you aren't, the normal rules simply don't apply to you. I'm sorry."
"I...yes. Sir. You are...without a doubt...right about that, sir."
"You don't need to lie to me, lass. And damn me, I'm doubting this decision myself quite heavily as well. But, you know the brass. What's to be done's to be done. My unwillingness to let go of you is just one more piece of proof for how splendidly you've performed your duty, lass."
"It's been an honor and a pleasure to work with you, lass. I mean it, every last word. And damn me if this entire thing wasn't still all ultra secret, I'd hawk every last newspaper in on it so I can tell the bastards I Told You So when we lose our edge to the bloody yanks. Damn Bell Labs even stole the Bombe from us...ah, ah,
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We are the pioneers by NejinOniwa We are the pioneers :iconnejinoniwa:NejinOniwa 2 0
The Dollmaker of Bucuresti
         The Dollmaker of Bucuresti
Loud and clearly heard the aslant roof's creaking
As in cries of regret for winter's shade
Its piercing scream, in paining marrow's blade
The oaken frame in the cold appears shaking
Within its snow-covered verdigris fade
Crackles flame born of purest folly-making
And thus upon whitelimed hearth forsaking
Of all things forgotten a mountain made
Of naught to burn, but in the darkness spurn
All things insufficient for her perfection
Her finest, the puppeteer's golden fraction
They rest oblivious in lifeless concern
While the dollmaker's teared face inwards turn
Mourning in silence her daughters' creation.
Ethereal silver threads drawn to tighten
Spun entwini
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Mt Washington Cograil Panorama by NejinOniwa Mt Washington Cograil Panorama :iconnejinoniwa:NejinOniwa 1 3 Straight is Just A Perspective by NejinOniwa Straight is Just A Perspective :iconnejinoniwa:NejinOniwa 12 5 Mt. Washinton Summit Panorama by NejinOniwa Mt. Washinton Summit Panorama :iconnejinoniwa:NejinOniwa 0 2



Demon Overlord
The Demon Overlord is mainly a writer, but finds it far easier to satisfy the masses with shitloads of reasonably qualitative photographs. He is not (as one might think) enthroned on whatever he might be sitting on, but on a majestic rock formation that is never too far off from his current position. Here the slopes of the Mont Blanc massif is used for the purpose (he dual-wields skis, because he's just that badass).

Also, since the energy of otherworldly and evil beings is what powers the internet, he emits 29% (42% emission rate, minus idle hours) of the total amount of fuel required to propel the nightmare forward. Hail, Nightmare Fuel Reactor!
Okay, so the move is done. I'm now less than 15 minutes away from the laboratory by bike, which is nice as fuck.

In other news, I've done a lot of work over at FiMF. Head over to… if you want to check those fics out.

I'm also getting back to Mertvaya Ruka and Beyond Ultra Secret (yes, I'm slow). Working like 5 fics at once is pretty busy works but, eh...

Deal with it.

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